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Commercial Cleaning & Disinfection

Disinfection is particularly important on touch points in restrooms, community rooms, desktops, door knobs, push plates, light switches and other high-touch locations. 

Utilizing the Electrostatic Sprayer and chemicals certified with the CDC to kill Covid-19 ensures we are able to target all areas that need treatment effective and efficiently.

Vent Hood Cleaning

Cleaning your vent hoods is essential to maintain its efficiency and keep your kitchen clean and minimize the potential of a grease fire.

Our technicians have over 15 years of experience cleaning restaurants and vent hoods.  Our process is simple and straight forward, we use our degreaser chemical to coat the inside of the duct and pressure wash the filters, gutters and then access to the roof to clean the fans, bowls and fan blades. 

All areas serviced are cleaned to bare metal per NFPA Code 96.

Floor Cleaning

Sweeping, mopping and regular buffing is a critical first step toward properly maintaining your floors on a daily basis, but this only gets you so far after a floor area has been subjected to substantial wear and tear. That’s when A-1 comes to the rescue with a more rigorous stripping and waxing service that’s necessary to bring your floors back to life. 

Our teams have years of experience with all types of surfaces to ensure your floors have that sparkle and shine like never before. 

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